Ultraman Links!

Ultraman Galaxy-Tsuburaya’s official Ultraman site. This is a great place to get updates on upcoming Ultraman projects!

Beta Capsule Reviews-A great website run by a good friend of mine that chronicles tokusatsu shows episode by episode in capsule reviews.

Ultra Blog DX-A wonderful blog regarding the behind the scenes history of several different Ultraman shows.

Bogleech-A website devoted to monsters and creatures of all types and one of my biggest inspirations in making this website.

Ultopia-Probably the best website in English in regards to Ultraman information. Has a lot of interesting facts about the making of the earlier entries in the series!

Vantage Point Interviews-A wonderful site featuring interviews of many tokusatsu alumni.

Maser Patrol-A fun blog that talks about Japanese superhero and monster culture of all types from tokusatsu to manga.

BigBoyVariety: A blog devoted to reviewing Metal Heroes shows each Monday, as well as other tokusatsu!

MONSTERS CONQUER THE WORLD: An incredibly fun blog where everything kaiju from Godzilla and Ultraman is reviewed. One of the sites I read way back when I was still a sophomore Ultraman fan, Matt’s reviews are engaging, informative and most importantly, hilarious.

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